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Are you having these problems?

Spending Too Much On Landscaping Projects?

Bryce can help you with plant selection based on your budget and picking the right spot for each plant based on your requirements. He can visit your property to perform an assessment on a project and provide design services (landscape plan drawing). Bryce can also supervise your landscape projects and advise you on the type of professional that you need to hire.

Is your landscape not looking as good as you would like?

You may be a victim of seasonal change. With the extreme changes of the Houston weather, you may need different plants at different times of the year. Bryce can visit your property or virtually consult your landscaping to overcome your biggest concerns. Need something more permanent? He can provide plans and details for plants that will last every season.

Concerned about your children or pets safety?

Many people may not know that plants could be dangerous to children & pets. In this case, Bryce would set up a program for a non-chemical approach to landscape maintenance. He will make sure that the soil is modified so that the plants become sustainable in order for the plants to not rely on chemicals. If this is something you are concerned with Bryce meet your needs.

Serving Greater Houston!

Bryce Davis Sr.

Landscape Consultant

Bryce was a graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Horticulture. He ran a business called Davis Florist & Landscape in Central Pennsylvania for over 40 years. Bryce is very interested in sharing his knowledge and answer all of your landscaping questions.

He is a transplant to Houston, Texas. Why is Bryce qualified to consult Texans with their landscaping needs? Plants are the same as far as growing requirements, it just depends on the climatic zone that you live in. He has been trained and has a lifetime of experience working with different climates for their horticulture needs.

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