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Wholesale Plants in Central Pennsylvania and Texas

My goal is to help you achieve a beautiful landscape environment through a natural sustainable approach. And with the emphasis on “green living” within both our living and working environments, quite frankly, this is something every business and property owner should consider doing.

Sustainable Landscaping - Native PlantsIf you are a homeowner or property owner, contractor or land developer, we offer a wholesale buying service for all your tree, shrubs and plant needs. Guaranteed to save you money on your budget or proposal. I deal with premium quality nursery sources on east coast of the U.S. and in Texas. With over 4o years of experience within the nursery industry, my source of supply is endless.

With the move to sustainable landscaping, many new developments and facilities need to meet specific requirement with regards to tree caliper sizes, species of tree and numbers thereof. As a rule, these aren’t the type of trees you can go to a “box store” and pick up. That’s where I come into the picture.

By going directly to the wholesaler, you eliminate the middleman nursery dealer and maximize your profit and “roi”. This also minimizes the risk of damage to trees and shrubs during shipment to a local nursery and then shipment again to your site. When moving and dealing with a large selection of trees and shrubs, the less they are transported the better.