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Soil Testing - Bryce L Davis

Soil Testing and Analysis

The first step in any successful organic lawn and landscape care program is a soil test. Soil testing determines the nutrient density of your soil and help us recommend a program to help you achieve beautiful lawns, landscapes, trees and shrubs. A soil test can be considered a “road map” for the organic treatment of soil. By reading the map, we can understand where we are, determine where we want to be, and decide the best route to our destination (a healthy and safe lawn).

Regular soil testing and record keeping will allow you to see the changes that an organic approach to landscaping can bring to your soil. Under most circumstances, we recommend that soil samples be tested every two years. In some cases such as por soil fertility, soils treated with chemical fertilizers and herbicides with the last three years, and soils that are severely out of balance, more frequent soil testing and/or a more detailed test analysis may be recommended.

Soil Testing Procedures


Soil testing and plant tissue analysis are designed to work together. Soil testing identifies the soil nutrient reserves and predicts the nutrient needs, while plant tissue analysis identifies the plant’s actual nutrient intake. Plant tissue analysis is done on an as-needed basis.


  • Measuring the turf area
  • Assessing the turf density and soil composition
  • Identifying weeds and disease problems
  • Assessing the environmental conditions that affect turf quality
  • Discussing you specific family or pet needs
  • Taking a soil sample for analysis

Within two (2) weeks of the consultation, you will receive a detailed soil lab report that addresses the health of your soil. From this starting point, we can customize a lawn care program that meets your soil’s unique profile.

Why Get A Soil Test

Organic soil solutions - bryce l davisWhy do you go to the doctor’s when you are sick? Or do you just go to the drug store and grab the first thing that looks like it would possibly work right off the shelf?

And if you are really, really sick. Well then the doctor wants to run some tests before starting any kind of treatment plan to rectify you illness.

Enough said – Your soil is no different. It too is a community of living, breathing, and interacting micro-organisms and it too can get sick, quite sick.

I learned early on that a garden is only as good as the soil it’s growing in. So it makes sense to find out as much about your soil as possible. The best place to start is with a soil test for pH to determine if you’re working with acid or alkaline conditions.

Healthy Soil showing Grass Root Development - Bryce L Davis

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