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Organic Landscaping Consulting - Bryce L Davis

Lawn/Turf and Landscaping Management Consultations

Don’t know where to begin?  Whether you’re planning a new landscape or trying to revitalize a landscape mess you’ve inherited, or simply trying to figure out how to deal with the lawn and turf areas as well as the landscaped beds; you need to have a plan based upon existing conditions.

With regards to your property’s appearance and it being a well-known fact that a properly maintained landscape increases property value; having a thorough understanding of what you have makes perfect sense.

Consultations deal with criteria and issues that entail:

  • Plant Care Identification and Advice

    • Identification of existing plant species, growth habits and flowering cycles, proper pruning techniques of each plant, fertilization and feeding requirements (often plants with different feeding requirements get planted next to each other and problems arise therein), weed control, insect and disease control, proper mulching and more…
  • Recommendations/Suggestions

    • Suggested Plants to Trim and Schedules thereto, evaluate plants as per placement of ideal sun/shade requirements and movement thereto, native plant species that could be incorporated into existing spaces,
    • Screening for privacy areas with Arborvitae, Sky Pencil Hollies, Junipers, etc, establishing property line plantings
  • Troubleshooting

    • Diagnosis and recommended actions to be taken for insect damage and disease, environmental stress, over-use of pesticides and other assorted horticultural disasters and mayhem.

The consulting and landscape management services that I offer can take your vision for your property from the idea stage through to the completion of your “vision”. If you already have a price for services, we can save you dollars on your next project. Why pay retail when we can bring costs in well under your budget or you don’t pay?

My natural organic approach to turf and landscape management can help you make the transition to a safer environment for you, your children and pets and family. Together we can implement a program whereby we can determine the cultural intensity required to meet expectations of the client and at the same time work within budget constraints.

As a professional landscape nurseryman, I have extensive first hand experience with the “chemicals”, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides routinely utilized within the landscaping industry. Personal experience has led me to believe that there must be a safer way to grow plants and sustain landscapes. My personal investigation and the study of organic soil science practices and also the utilization of hands-on experience has revealed to me how beautiful nature works if we just give her a chance and don’t continually try to manipulate it.

Pesticide Free Living Environments - Bryce L Davis

Organic Lawn and Landscape Development Consultation

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