Davis Organics An accredited organic sustainability garden center and landscape / lawn care company in central Pennsylvania.
Organics As members of the "green industry" we are embracing NATURAL methods and restoration practices in our landscaping..
The Plant Place - Trees Evergreen and Deciduous Trees for landscaping. "Bradford Pear buds".
Shrubs Deciduous and evergreen SHRUBS from select growers on the eastern seaboard of the U.S...
Perennials / Annuals Perennials and annuals selected for our Climatic Zone growing area and native species..
Consulting Services Davis Organics offer organic consulting services by Bryce Davis an accredited organic landscape professional..
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Organics - It's not about products, it's a way of life!

our services

Davis Organics Landscaping ServicesAll of us at The Plant Place believe in and have a very strong ethical commitment to natural, organic, and green landscape practices. An organic approach to sustainable landscaping reflects our core beliefs. We respect God's creation, admire the community we live in, and value our customers.


The Plant Place - Scotch BroomThe Plant Place carries a large and diverse selection of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals specifically chosen for their suitability to our climatic growing zone. Deciduous and evergreen trees, sun and shade shrubs and perennials as well as seasonal selections. Our trees, shrubs, and perennials are hand-picked from select growers.

organic products

Davis Organics -  Certified Green ProductsWe do our best to utilize top-quality organic products from locally-owned companies, such as Fertrell of Bainbridge, True Source Organic of Lancaster, Pa., Dr. Earth, Espoma, Green Light and others. These products help to promote sustainability and are certified organic green products. We are the dealer of Plantskydd locally.

sod / lawns

Davis Organics - Green LawnsThe recurring theme in organics is the maintaining of a healthy, living soil. The main objective of our lawn care program is to get your lawn off drugs and provide a living, biologically active soil. Organic lawn care provides a green lawn that is safer. We grow sod on our own production farm located in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.

Davis Organics - Sustainability

Maintaining the environment and a healthy ecosystem are both necessities for the survival and flourishing of humanity and all other organisms. For many years we have been told that the way to keep our lawns healthy and free from weeds is to treat them with herbicides and apply high nitrogen fertilizers. The downside to this approach is that the lawn has become completely dependent on these inputs to maintain a healthy appearance. Organic lawn care provides a green lawn for children and pets and a great return on investment.

The Plant Place - Pansys

You want color?  We HAVE color –  for EVERY season!  Our greenhouse is full of blooming annual plants, and we search out the best varieties of annuals each year to make your garden glorious! We also have specials throughout the growing seasons of applicable fertilizers and soils, Often we purchase bulk quantities of select plant species from quality growers and pass the savings on to you. Our inventory of plant materials changes frequently during the growing seasons. We hand-pick select shrubs and perennials from growers up and down the eastern seaboard.

Davis Organics - Bryce L. Davis

As a local family business owner, I understand the importance of operating in a way that meets the needs of organics vs chemicals without compromising the health of future generations. As owner of the "plant place & davis organics", I am committed to helping you learn the importance of eco-friendly landscape practices and of leaving the Earth a better place for the next generation. As an active member of several green organizations, I also am involved in green initiatives within the Central Pennsylvania area, such as the Conewago Creek Initiative.